Indulging in the finest whisky, savouring the allure of authentic Anglo-Indian cuisine, and immersing yourself in British sensibility all find their harmony at Anglow. Nestled within the vibrant Khan Market, one of Delhi’s most cosmopolitan and upscale locales, Anglow stands tall as a whisky bar and kitchen, artfully blending India’s colonial legacy with a modern twist.

The Captivating Decor of Anglow

Stepping into Anglow, prepare to be captivated by its elegant and sophisticated decor. Dark wood furniture, plush leather sofas, vintage lamps, and captivating paintings create an ambience that exudes class. The cosy atmosphere, accompanied by soft music and dim lighting, beckons you to unwind. The bar boasts an impressive selection of whiskies from around the globe, complemented by a thoughtful array of spirits, wines, and beers. The knowledgeable and courteous staff are ever ready to guide you through the menu and offer expert pairing suggestions.

Culinary Delights and Artisan Cocktails

The cocktails are the highlight of the menu, with a range of artisan creations that showcase the fusion of British and Indian flavours. Some of the signature drinks include the Anglow Spice, a refreshing mix of scotch, home-blend spice mix, topped with mint leaves and burnt cinnamon, orange zest and blueberries; the Colonel’s Cup, a spicy blend of whisky, ginger, honey, and lemon; and the East India Company, a fruity concoction of rum, pineapple, orange, and grenadine. The cocktails are well-balanced, well-presented, and well-paired with the food, which consists of dishes like shami kebabs, mutton railway curry, and bread pudding. Anglow is a place to experience the rich history and culture of Anglo-Indian cuisine in a modern and elegant setting.

The menu at Anglow pays homage to Anglo-Indian cuisine, an exquisite fusion of British and Indian culinary traditions forged during the Raj era. Each dish is meticulously crafted using fresh, premium ingredients, employing time-honoured recipes and techniques. Divided into starters, main courses, and desserts, the menu caters to diverse palates.

Standout Starters and Fiery Delights

Prepare to be tantalized by standout dishes such as the Chip n Dip, a delightful medley of crispy fried sweet potato skins, lotus stem, onion rings, and potato wafers served with a garlic-hung curd dip. The Bombay Chicken presents succulent chicken chunks encased in a buttermilk batter infused with mixed spices and coriander leaves. For those seeking a fiery kick, the Andhra Prawns reign supreme-jumbo prawns pan-fried in an explosive Andhra sauce with aromatic curry leaves.

The Railway Mutton Curry Shrimp Curry marries the flavours of Kolkata with a spiced curry infused with coconut cream and vinegar, served alongside fragrant yellow rice. And let us not forget the Devilled Scotch Egg, where boiled eggs are enveloped in a unique potato mash or mutton mince, then fried to golden perfection and served with a creamy, mustard-laced deviled yolk.

Sweet Indulgences

The desserts at Anglow are equally enchanting, with highlights like the Banoffee Pie Pudding, a heavenly baked delight combining butter biscuit crumble, banana, cream, and luscious sticky caramel. The Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Tart entices with its seductive blend of gooey caramel, delicate sea salt, and velvety chocolate.

Exciting Menu Surprise

As if these culinary wonders were not enough, Anglow’s menu surprises with new additions. The Funghi Bianco, a thin-crust pizza adorned with a medley of button mushrooms, oyster, portobello, and enoki mushrooms, crowned with buffalo mozzarella, rocket leaves, and a sprinkle of parmesan, transports you to gastronomic bliss. The Mexicana pizza invites you to relish the symphony of flavours created by smoked chicken, Palermo poppers, jalapenos, capers, and melted buffalo mozzarella. For a delectable seafood treat, the Fish Fingers deliver crispy strips of river sole marinated in mustard and an exquisite blend of spices, then delicately panko-fried. Finally, the Grilled Halloumi charms with its pan-grilled halloumi cheese delicately perched on a bed of avocado toast, an enticing interplay of textures and flavours.

My experience at Anglow was truly unforgettable. The perfect fusion of old-world charm and contemporary vibes created a one-of-a-kind journey. The flavours left a lasting impression, tantalizing my taste buds with their exquisite combinations. The warm and inviting atmosphere made me feel right at home. Anglow has won me over, and I can’t wait to come back for more delightful moments.

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