A summit is a great way to get teens involved in current events. Youth gain an understanding of current issues and develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. The assignment is not easy to manage. It takes between six and seven weeks to complete. This article will save you time and show you step-by-step how to make your project a success.

This activity aims to improve knowledge about world issues and problem solving skills.

You will first need to prepare three case studies, one for each global issue. Each student will also be given a syllabus that outlines the goals and expectations for the current event project. Explain the assignment. Then, explain that each issue will be examined and discussed over the coming weeks. Explain that no country is an isolated entity and that certain issues impact us all.

Ask students to describe the summit. Distribute a copy the first case study. For each case study, prepare thought-provoking questions. The students will be studying three global issues over the course of the three week period.

The class will vote on one global issue to be the summit’s theme at the end of week 3. The fourth week is when you break up the students into smaller groups. Each group will come up with a solution. Teams will also select a recorder who will summarize the key points of the problem and represent them at the summit. Each group should prepare a formal proposal. Then, instruct them to make a banner with the materials they have. During the summit, the banners will be displayed around the classroom.

The summit will take place in the fifth or sixth week, depending on the size of each class and how many extensions were granted. Each group will be allowed to discuss their ideas for between 20 and 30 minutes. The instructor will ask the group to respond to comments and questions at the end of the presentation.

To measure the effectiveness of an assignment, both formal and informal evaluations are possible. One informal strategy is to ask both closed and open-ended questions throughout the project. For the latter, you have the option of using a variety of evaluation methods, including essays, multiple choice tests, quizzes, and essays.


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