Former US President Donald Trump while speaking in an interview with NBC News aired on Sunday, September 17, 2023. — Screengrab/YouTube/NBC News 

As his legal troubles have exacerbated after the recent and fourth indictment in the election subversion and criminal racketeering case, the first-ever indicted US President Donald Trump did not care about going to jail, as he said he was built differently, expressing his determination to win against these charges.

Donald Trump, during an interview with NBC News aired Sunday, said: “I’m built a little differently I guess, because I have had people come up to me and say, ‘How do you do it, sir? How do you do it?’ I don’t even think about it.”

“When you say, do I lose sleep? I sleep, I sleep because I truly feel that, in the end, we’re going to win,” the actor-turned-former president said as he was confident of victory while unbothered by the cases. 

While lashing out at his opponents, the 77-year-old remarked that he is dealing with the current people of the US, repeating his mantra that he is always working to make America great.

Talking about his criminal charges, he termed them Biden-indictments, referring to President Joe Biden, whom is he accused of behind his legal troubles. He said that such treatment is only done in banana republics and third-world countries.

Former US President Donald Trump while speaking in an interview with NBC News aired on Sunday, September 17, 2023. — Screengrab/YouTube/NBC News

The billionaire went on to assert his unsubstantiated claims about the US administration all out against him to knock him out politically. He said that he is at a considerable lead from his political opponents and as they saw him leading.

“[Joe Biden] went to the Attorney General of the United States and told him to indict Trump,” he stated during the interview.

Trump is facing four indictments in cases that include paying hush money to an adult film star, provoking people on his false claims of rigged elections leading to the January 6 2021 riots, retaining classified documents after leaving the Oval Office and election interference and criminal racketeering to overturn the election results in the state of Georgia.

Melania Trump will be back

In the interview, the former president said that former First Lady Melania Trump may be back on the campaign trail with him “pretty soon.”

“Yes. Soon? Yeah, pretty soon. When it’s appropriate, but pretty soon,” he told the channel, adding that “she’s a private person, a great person, a very confident person and she loves our country very much.”

“And honestly, I like to keep her away from it. It’s so nasty and so mean,” the first-ever indicted president of US history added.

A former aide of Melania Trump Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, while speaking with Page Six said two months earlier that “the glaring absence did not signify that their marriage was breaking up.”

“Melania lives in an ivory tower of denial. Her silence is deliberate, it is her weapon of choice and her protective armour,” Wolkoff said.

The former model appeared on very limited occasions during Trump’s campaign trials when her husband ran for the Oval Office. Even in 2020, she rarely attended public events.

As a first Lady, she was very low-profile spending time with the couple’s then 10-year-old Barron. Trump noted that she was busy taking care of Barron Trump, who is now 17 years old, mentioning that “she loves that boy.”

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