This will tell you about the importance of self-learning modules and their impact on the students and the role of the parents during their schooling.

Importance of self-learning modules

We spend a huge amount of time in schools learning, memorizing, and listening. But there are many things that we can learn on our own. We can gain knowledge without any teacher’s support. Self-learning refers to gaining knowledge through a series of actual learning activities that can be organized into a series of projects. It is a time-saving and faster method of learning. It applies to students of any age. Learning modules have two facets: learning activities and knowledge. Learning activities include learning how to perform experiments, solving analytical problems, reading, studying, and learning on the subjects by heart. The Self-learning modules develop knowledge made up of thoughts, ideas, skills, and abilities.

How do self-learning modules work?

Free self-learning modules come in form of e-learning modules, videos, learning calendars, and others. These modules are self-paced learning tools that help the students learn effectively. The free learning modules are provided by leading business schools and learning solution providers.

Why should you use self-learning modules?

Self-learning modules help students to learn from real-time experience. This method helps students to learn while interacting with the computer. Self-learning modules help students to learn faster as they do not have to sit in classes and miss out on schoolwork.

To help the students understand various concepts of each course, self-learning modules help them build their profiles and they can start their learning journey from their computers or mobile phones.

The benefits of self-learning modules

Although the student might learn better in a classroom setting, he or she is still able to acquire knowledge faster when self-learning happens in a new environment.

The system builds the capacity of the students through self-learning and this builds his or her self-confidence.

The system boosts their brain’s speed

The brain uses the speed of the brain to learn and this can’t be maintained when a student is in a class.

But when self-learning occurs, the student’s brain works faster.

Awareness of new facts and concepts.

One of the advantages of self-learning modules is that it makes you aware of what you are learning.

A student can read a book and know what he or she has read while another student may not even know.

This makes it easier to comprehend, it boosts the students’ sense

How are students impacted by these modules?

Have you heard of that thing that is called school? Well, it’s not about just studying from textbooks to study well in the subject. School is not just about how much knowledge you have gained in a subject. This is just one part of it. The other important aspect is your ability to express the information you have learned.

The learning starts from the initial years of school and it continues throughout the course of education, which is the reason why the concept of ‘self-learning’ has gained traction over the last decade.

Parents are heavily engaged in nurturing and enriching their children’s ability to think critically and understand concepts, while the teachers continue teaching in the classroom.

However, an important aspect that has been overlooked in the development of the student’s

Role of a parent in their child’s learning process

Children have become highly independent. The goal is to get them to be independent and stay away from dependence. But this goal could prove to be too difficult. The parents have to support them throughout the learning process. They should know what to do and say so that the child doesn’t make unnecessary mistakes or face any kind of setback. How will the child face obstacles while learning? What should he/she do in such cases? What happens if the child gets trapped into any kind of problem? How should the parent approach him/her and deal with such a situation? These questions will get answered in this section. The video guides you to be at ease when you are in such a situation and also offers you enough knowledge to handle the situation. What if I don’t understand?


We are happy to provide you these free self-learning modules, if you need any other software regarding your children’s study, there are so many excellent tools available for you in the market. You can find these tools and also affordable options on different topics and topics only as you are busy in your professional life. You can find these tools online only as the demand is not as big as it is for school kids. So, buy as much as possible and avail the best. Take care of your children and don’t forget to read their school activity diaries.


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