Since the dawn of human history, there has been a constant flow of technological advancements. From the inventions of the spear and knives made from rocks and sticks that aid in the capture and killing of animals, to the inventions of the computer and the printing press, technology has advanced over time. Is it positive or negative?

Technology can be used to describe or represent the collective advancements, capabilities, creations and undertakings of a single group of people: human-kind. In the 20th century and 21st centuries, technology advancements were rapid. It was likely that people would look at the negative aspects of electronic technology and machine improvements and criticize the new technology.

Inventions are often born out of necessity. Each invention is also annexed to the need for betterment or transmogrification. Every day, newer and more advanced advances are made. Technological change is responsible for many secular trends in basic parameters of humanity’s condition, such as the population size, life expectancy and education levels, material standards and living standards, and the nature and effects of human activity on the environment.

Technology also influences other aspects of society and our lives in many ways. This includes entertainment, governance, human relationships, morality, mind and matter as well as our view on our human nature and human nature. These technological advances also stimulate economic development. The effective use of technology reduces material production costs and overhead costs, which in turn generates savings for the economy and leads to national development.

Potentials and problems often go hand-in-hand. Society is becoming more dependent on technology. Sometimes we lack the ability to think before we do. If it takes longer than five seconds to download the morning paper, we become impatient. We expect instant responses to our emails and someone to answer our cell phones whenever we call.

Technology has made it so difficult to find the time to spend with family and friends. It would surprise you to learn that even though people communicate via chat or online messaging, they forget that face-to-face meetings are not the same as online chatting.


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