These days, kids are less interested in news and reading it. They care only about their mobile phones and video games, through which they can talk and play games. While it doesn’t hurt them as children, it’s not good for their future. They lose the ability to understand current affairs, which can lead to a nation that is sleepy when they are older.

As a parent, it puts you under pressure because they are responsible for developing their interest in news reading and watching. Below are some ideas that may help you.

Let me first tell you that outdoor play is not recommended. Only indoor activities will help you accomplish this task. You can still do the activities listed below, but only in an open area or under a shade structure. Learning is fun through games. Effective games like the World Peace Game make it possible to achieve political goals and maintain peace around the globe. This game helps them to be aware of what’s happening in their country and what solutions are available.

A world map hanging in your living room or bedroom can be more than just decoration. You can use it as a tool for better understanding the world’s events. Ask your children to point out the relevant regions in news clips. This will allow them to see how far away the country is and where there is a problem.

While doing chores at the house, listen to the news and enjoy it. Next, make a podcast with your children about the news you have heard. Children learn more about the event and use their knowledge to create a podcast. They are able to develop journalism skills and become more aware of the world. Ask your children what they think and how you can improve it. To save embarrassment, if they don’t already know about it, they will most likely Google it on their phones. They will be interested in other important news. They are now actively involved in learning about the world.


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