If the royals — or their advisers — were smart, they would seek peace with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, wrote Autumn Brewington, the associate opinion editor at The Washington Post while arguing that the royal family should welcome the US-based couple to the monarch’s coronation.

The article comes days after it was reported King Charles has requested Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to broker a deal for Prince Harry to attend his coronation.

It was also reported by the British that Prince William doesn’t want Harry to be invited as he fears his younger brother would steal the limelight.

The reports claimed that William will respect his father’s decision if Harry and Meghan are invited.

“There’s also a tension between the idea that this will be a “diverse” coronation and the question of whether Charles embraces the mixed-race part of his family. The sight of Charles, in crown, holding up Harry and Meghan’s son, Archie, on coronation day would go a long way to reverse recent damage. It could also signal royal pride in their family’s diversity — or at least acknowledge the value in reflecting more of the people over whom the king reigns,” she wrote in her opinion piece titled “Time for the royal family to make up with Harry and Meghan. Now.”

She added, “Whatever one thinks of Harry and Meghan, the monarchy depends on optics. Royal parades and processions are routine spectacles with a singular goal: engendering goodwill and support for what is ultimately an elitist, classist, hereditary institution. Smearing the palace machinery — or dishing on family dysfunction — ruins the mystique.”

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