Technology has become an associate inevitable part of our lives. we tend to cannot imagine living whereas not technology in today’s fast-moving world. once employment, socialization, and cultural propagation happen with the economic process, we tend to cannot survive whereas not technological involvement.

The Coronavirus pandemic has what is more tried, but very important technology is for America, to stay connected, work, communicate, and primarily survive. This can be an associate opportune moment for researchers to attend to journal demand paper with the topic of technology turning into associate indivisible by a part of our lives, given almost immediately we tend to ar progressing to move, eat, sleep technology.

However, enable the United States to duplicate on most important reasons that we tend to want technology:

1. Communication

The first and foremost purpose that technology serves is communication. Social media and different technological applications have brought families on. today we will notice long-lost schoolmates over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which we’ll reinstate our communication. we will even communicate with world leaders, distinguished figures over these platforms. Communication is required in ball-hawking fields to boot, and technology ensures that can} communicate with the earth from wherever we tend to ar. we tend to cannot imagine our lives whereas not a wise phone, however, there was a time once there are no mobile phones in any respect. Families unit long less troubled concerning their children presently, as a result of phones supply them the information concerning the whereabouts of children so that they unit is far more relieved concerning their safety than they were before.

With our safety comes the protection of the community and conjointly the prime responsibility falls upon legal systems. Technology has helped tons in rising law and order. today we’ve phone cameras, CCTV cameras, etc. that testify for crime scenes. we’ve got the computer and internet to look out for any criminal from anywhere with world information. Improved technological gadgets have helped in rising forensics, crime treatment to an honest extent.

3. Security

Technology provides America security. several home security devices like spy scam, door cam, anti-theft applications unit joined with our sensible phones. Most of the space units are electronically built for higher safety and security functions. today we tend to use a camera to look at administrative bodies stands outside our door, in place of associate eye-hole. we can, in reality, confer with the person before gap the door. Again, mobile phones produce America assured on the streets. once we’ve got an associate appliance of communication, we tend to all apprehend we will produce a choice whenever in trouble.

4. Internet

Globalization wouldn’t ar gettable whereas not internet. the fact that we will connect and work from any part of the earth is as a result of we’ve internet. will} have shopper meets and requirements from all over the globe which we will assimilate information and methodology delivery as a result of we tend to the internet. Covid has tried that internet can keep our lives going even once we tend to unit barred down in homes, barely one thing is affected for our work if it’s net-primarily primarily based.

5. Knowledge

Gone unit those days, once we tend to had to run from one library to a distinct within our city to look out books and materials for our school-college comes. Even then we’d not get the appropriate information required in analysis work. But today, with the help of Google, we tend to space units able to browse, any variety of and any amount of information required for attending journal demand paper. Even for enlightenment and knowledge, we will browse online. we will learn if we tend to would like at any age, anywhere, as a result of we’ve internet and computer.

6. Education

Technology has shown America but we will overcome the barriers of it slow and place with computer and internet. This has created education heaps accessible and low-cost to fogeys across the earth. Today, one person in associate land can learn from Harvard or university, even from their home, as a result of online educational platforms that enrich learning. Online school and college is not merely a plan or luxury; it is a necessity notably once there is a deadly disease state of affairs. Online learning could be a means for value-effective for school students and universities, therefore every different university has shifted its programs online. this could be really, a gen-next education system where faculties will move online for affordable and uninterrupted learning. Besides technological gadgets like kindle and pill space units making reading and writing easier and lighter.

7. Recreation

Technology has contributed heavily to the earth of recreation. From video and computer games to sensible televisions, an outsized type of technological invention has helped America act with our free time. Even today, pic observation isn’t from now on restricted to a theatre house. The suggests that we tend to browse on a computer, we tend to observe movies on digital platforms. on-line streaming platforms and applications units moving the recreation world to an entire conversion mode.

Research has found proof of the contribution of technology to our daily lives. Technology can save lives. Major operations, scans, and medical diagnoses happen through scientific and technological discoveries. Communication, work, and education unit nearly impractical whereas not technology today.

For researchers and academicians, journal demands paper unit heaps of without delay on the market as a result of digital publication platforms, all of that involves technology. Technology has stuffed our time with purposeful content and recreation so that we tend to feel happy and happy. however, technology even has some ill-effects like most different consumptions. therefore we tend to ought to embrace the nice aspects of technology in our lives whereas selectively avoiding the inappropriate results.


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