Kate Middleton portrays ‘powerful’ future Queen with subtle nod to Elizabeth II

Kate Middleton made an important statement during the Remembrance Day event as she honoured the late Queen Elizabeth with a subtle tribute.

Prince William and his wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales, attended the annual Festival of Remembrance, run by the Royal British Legion, at Royal Albert Hall on Saturday to honour the fallen soldiers from Britain and the Commonwealth.

At the event, Kate gave the late Queen a subtle tribute as she wore a triple-strand pearl necklace, which appeared to be from the late queen’s jewellery collection. The future Queen consort was dressed in a black dress which made the pearls stand out in her attire.

Pearls were the late Queen’s favourite and she received a triple strand from her father King George IV for his coronation.

Following the death of the matriarch last year, Kate has been in the spotlight more often as she was promoted from her title of Duchess of Cambridge to Princess of Wales.

Previously, a source told Us Weekly, that Kate now wants people to see her as “a strong leader, someone who’s capable of taking the title of queen into a new generation.”

“She’s in a new phase of her life, and she wants her image and actions to reflect that. Kate used to portray the perfect, feminine wife, mother and caregiver. Now she wants to be seen as a powerful and kind humanitarian leader.”

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