Priscilla Presley has reportedly shot down feud rumours with granddaughter Riley Keough amid their legal battle over Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate.

During an event in the UK this week, An Evening to Remember With Priscilla Presley, the 77-year-old actress connected with fans in an extensive Q&A session where she also touched up on her relationship with her granddaughter, per Entertainment Tonight.

ET spoke with Jackie Howse, who not only attended the highly anticipated event, but also was among the 30 or so fans lucky enough to score a meet-and-greet with Priscilla.

Howse revealed that there was an instance where Priscilla became emotional, as she discussed Riley and her success on the Prime Video series, Daisy Jones & The Six.

“She came across as being very proud,” Howse said. “She’d actually said, ‘I am really proud of her. Really proud of what she’s achieved.’ You could see it in the face, how proud she was with the family.”

At the event, Priscilla revealed that the feud did happen between her and Riley but it was short-lived. “It was very brief, but she just said, ‘Don’t believe what’s been said,’” Howse narrated.

“[Priscilla] just said, ‘You know, I went to dinner with [her] before I came [here],’” he shared. “She said, ‘Everything’s good.’”

As for a so-called fallout, Howse said Priscilla noted, “That’s not the case at all. They weren’t true.”

Priscilla and Riley are currently involved in an on-going legal battle over Lisa Marie Presley’s will that removed Priscilla and Lisa Marie’s former business manager, Barry Siegel, as co-trustees and named Riley and her brother, Benjamin Keough, as the new co-trustees. (Benjamin died in 2020, leaving Riley as the sole heir.)

Two weeks after Lisa Marie’s death, Priscilla filed paperwork challenging a 2016 amendment to her daughter’s will, which complicated her relationship with Riley.

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