Rashmika Mandanna’s dedication to her rigorous fitness regime screams goals from miles away. But what we love about Rashmika is the fact that she never shies away from indulging herself in a cheat meal. The actress, who is super busy with the promotions of ‘Animal’, decided to treat herself to a lip-smacking snack “after long hours of work.” Wondering what it is? crunchy chocolate bar ice cream. On Tuesday, Rashmika dropped a picture of herself holding the chocolatey delight in her hand. Sharing the picture, Rashmika wrote, “A midnight treat to myself after long hours of work. Thank you, Hyderabad, for such a lovely response. Goodnight now.” Take a look:
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If you are a fitness freak, the struggle to restrict yourself from indulging in your favourite food is surely not unknown. While we have to keep ourselves away from those decadent cheat meals, we don’t necessarily have to deprive ourselves. And it turns out our favourite celebrities also abide by the same. Earlier, Rashmika Mandanna shared a glimpse of what her cheat days looked like. The actress dropped a post on her Instagram wherein she revealed that on her cheat days, she loves to dig in dessert first. She shared a picture of herself posing with a plate of dessert in her hands. In the click, we could see a bread slice topped with a generous spread of chocolatey Nutella. Are you drooling? Wait, there is more. The Nutella spread was further topped with caramelised onions. The picture also shows some mint leaves, blueberries, and mango slices that were drizzled in sugar syrup.
Along with the picture, Rashmika Mandanna wrote, “You know, on my cheat days, I always have to order desserts first before actually my main meal, and a lot of my friends find this super weird… So I just wanted to understand if this is just me or if any one of you also does this.”
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Which is your all-time favourite cheat meal? Tell us in the comments section below!

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