Parents want their child to be happy and successful. Many children today are not being properly led and being ignored, despite their parents’ best intentions. If there is no plan or direction, the child and parent are left lost in a maze of unknowns. This can lead to disaster and misery.

If a parent fails to enforce the rules and implement the system consistently, it can create false hopes and expectations. The child soon learns the weaknesses of the system and how it is not properly executed, and so he or she begins to exploit these weak points. The child learns to use the inconsistency between the parent and the system to their advantage and gains more control over the parent. The parent is frustrated and more stressed because they don’t get the reason why their child is losing the discipline battle.

No matter what discipline system you decide to create, ensure it is fair and you strictly follow it. Do not compromise or abandon the system. Be consistent. There will be less anxiety and confusion between the parent and child once they have a better understanding of the rules and how to follow them. Soon, you will notice a change in your child’s behavior and attitude. Your relationship will become more positive and happier.

Spending quality time with your child is the best investment you can make in their life. Part-time parents get a half-time child if they are part-time. You only get 50 percent if you put in 50%. To build a lasting and strong relationship with your child you must be willing to sacrifice your time and make the effort to help them. As long as you do the same thing together, it doesn’t really matter what you do. It’s not about how many activities you do together.

Your role model, the parent, will have the most impact on your child’s life for good and bad. The father is the parent for boys and the mother for girls. This is not to suggest that all parents have equal influence. However, studies have shown that the child’s sex gender has a greater impact on how they are influenced. This makes complete sense from a logic standpoint. For obvious reasons, females are better at understanding males than females. Both parents must set a good example for their child.

Children are taught by their parents and siblings how to behave, talk, walk and think when they are born into the world. As they get older, children learn from people outside their family. This is when they start to model society and acquire new attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. Their minds and bodies are trying to process all of this information and how it will be used. They are trying to figure out their identity and how they fit into the whole scheme of things. It can be very difficult and overwhelming.

It is crucial that your child starts off on the right track to help him or her cope with the challenges ahead. As a parent, you have the responsibility and obligation to ensure your child is able to survive and thrive in a new environment. This will help shape their future. You have the unique advantage of helping them to grow and prosper so that they can withstand the storms of life.


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