This month, teach generosity in your character education class. This can be as simple and straightforward as asking children to share their toys. You can also make it more complicated by explaining the difference between generosity and indifference. Stories from the news can make teaching generosity easier and more fun. Current events can be a useful tool for character education teachers looking to teach generosity with a touch of reality.

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If you are careful to define the terms, teaching generosity synonyms can be a positive way to start your character education efforts. The lists that we use to teach generosity synonyms don’t necessarily reflect the character trait. Take a look at the following list of 25 synonyms to see if any match the character trait.

The Character Trait

This character trait is based on a belief in true goodness and actively doing good for others, even if it means sacrificing oneself. Today’s news reports reveal that the head of a well-known charity received a one million dollar salary while his charity closed its doors. This story highlights the negative effects of stinginess. Even children can understand. One man was so greedy that others suffered while he enjoyed his life. He refused to sacrifice his own life. He closed the doors to a charity that was working for others.

Today’s news also includes a negative story about North Korean leaders sending their men to Europe for shopping sprees, even though they are starving. These shopping trips are not to buy food for his country, but to purchase luxury cars and expensive furniture as well as gold-plated weapons and other high-end items.


Want more? The positive story of the woman who offers her community horseback riding for free is one that will encourage educators to teach generosity. The horse farm charges 60 dollars per hour, but Wednesday evenings are free for everyone. The farm’s owner, a woman, sacrifices her income to provide a relaxed ride for those who can’t afford it on Wednesday evenings.


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