Parenting is one of the most important and difficult jobs we will ever have to do. No one can teach us how to parent, regardless of its importance and difficulty. There are many experts in child rearing who can assist you. This article will highlight a few experts, whose work I consider valuable. I encourage readers to search for experts whose work interests them.

Parents need to be well-informed and healthy both physically as well as psychologically. Parents who are happy with their bodies and minds can give unconditional, genuine love to their children. Parents are not responsible for raising children. No child ever asked for it. The parents are responsible for their child’s existence. It is also their responsibility to provide healthy parenting skills. Parents should be able understand why children behave the way they do. They must not take their child’s behavior (from birth to 18 years old) personally. Jean Piaget made great progress in understanding child development. The behavior of a child is not the responsibility of the parent. It’s up to the parent to help them manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so that they can become healthy adults. Parents need to be very self-aware. Awareness and understanding of others can be achieved through self awareness.

Children should be praised as often and frequently as possible if they are to receive unconditional love. Children intuitively recognize when praise is not due to them. This does not mean that praise should be inappropriate for their age. When an infant looks at someone and smiles, praise is appropriate because they are just learning how to interact with others. Because babies need to learn how to walk, it is appropriate to praise them when they take their first steps. It is appropriate to praise a toddler who makes scribbles on a piece paper, as the toddler is still learning how to do this.

The stress of parenting can be reduced by sharing the responsibility with at least one person. It is preferable that both parents are involved and that both are mentally and physically healthy. It is crucial for parents to talk about parenting strategies when they are both involved. This will help them understand where they agree and where they need to negotiate. If parents are not in agreement about something, children can split parents apart. If one parent doesn’t believe children should eat vegetables before eating their dessert, the children will try their best to convince that parent to take the decision over the other. This can lead to discord between parents and create a stressful, unhealthy situation. The stress level in a family is increased when parents have a heated argument about how to raise their children. Parents need to learn how to cooperate with each other.


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